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Beginning to develop intimacy


Beginning to develop intimacy

by admin


A lot of people see online dating as a way to fast track their way to a solid relationship and while our platform and many others provide users with a wide range of unique opportunities to connect with others – the road to meaningful intimacy isn’t a journey that can be expedited by an app or computer program.


While online profiles increase the likelihood that we’ll find a lasting connection, it’s still your responsibility to build that real, quality connection. Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t help you with that, too! Time deepens intimacy and over the years, we’ve observed some ways that people come closer together on a genuine, heart to heart level.


Here are some ways you can help cultivate your connection and hopefully turn it into a long, lasting relationship. Let’s jump right in!




We talk about things like communication all the time – and it’s a near universal need that people have for wanting to be accepted for who they are. This starts with being open and honest about what you want on your profile, but also in your interactions with your potential partner.


It’s easy to put on a persona in order to look more attractive to someone, but it’s important that you skip the games and set an intention that you’ll be honest and straight forward about you want. It will make it far more clear whether this is a person who you’ll want to take the next steps with.




Being more empathetic with yourself is step number-1. Feeling your truths and your needs – and translating those feelings into words. When you have empathy for yourself, then you can offer it to others. It makes it easier to listen to them, understand the underlying expressions they’re trying to make and will help you better meet their needs. When people feel like they’re being listened to with empathy – connections usually form because people feel like they are being seen.


It’s all in the eyes


Don’t be afraid of eye contact! Eyes say so much in dating – from helping us appear more open and enthusiastic, to making others feel like they’re being noticed and valued. And in a way – it’s our bodies way of telling each other that we’re serious.




We know this might sound sort of ridiculous, but you’d be surprised at the percentage of people we’ll observe who hold their breath or breathe shallow when they interact with someone that they’re attracted to. This amplifies nervousness, can make you appear to be bored, the way you speak, hold your body and the like. And all these make you more attractive to people because how you present yourself. So make sure you’re breathing – even if you’re nervous.


Believe us when we tell you that you have all the power you need in order to develop intimacy. And if someone else isn’t ready for it yet, then it’s not a reflection on you. As long as you remain centered in your hear and allow yourself to be both seen and unseen, you will have a valuable human connection enter into your life.


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