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Dealing with nerves on your first date


Dealing with nerves on your first date

by admin

So you’ve found a match, you’ve had conversations and you’re in agreement – it’s time to go on a date. First off – congratulations, you’ve done it! Second – be ready – this is where the actual, meaningful work starts!
It’s not easy meeting a stranger for the first time and dealing with nerves is a question we get a lot, here. Especially if you haven’t been out ‘in the field’ in a while, you’re probably wanting to know how to shake the rust off and how you can stay calm, cool and put your best foot forward. So how do you deal with it? That’s what we’re here to discuss today.
Here are some things you can do calm your nerves on that all important first date!
It’s not life or death
Remember that this is you meeting up with someone you might be interested in. You might FEEL like this is a really big deal, but the worst that can happen is you don’t feel a connection, then you don’t go on a second date and it’s on to the next prospect. If it works out, hopefully things blossom into a wonderful relationship. If the aforementioned is the worst case scenario, then that’s pretty good. Always keep the big picture front of mind!
Take some slow, deep breaths! You literally stand to lose nothing!

Nerves are a two-way street
If you’re nervous, they’re nervous. Anyone who says they’re not is usually full of it. We all want to make good impressions and even if that person isn’t ‘the one’ – we want to make sure our interactions with them leave a positive feeling walking away.
The best way to overcome nervousness is to admit that you’re nervous. 99 times out of 100, that person is going to feel empathy for you and confess to feeling the same way. It’s also important to get it out there right off the bat. It’s impossible to listen to your date when all you’re doing is listening to the nervous voices in your head. Get it out in the open and embrace it.

Have a backup, just in case
You’ll go a long ways towards calming your own nervousness if you know you have an out if things go south.
The best thing you can do is keep the mood light. You don’t need a big outing on night one. Grabbing coffee or ice cream is nice, and keeps things simple. The benefit to keeping things simple is that you can keep it short. This way, if you’re not connecting with the person you’re with, you can take solace in the fact that the event will be short. On the flipside – if things are going well – you can ask to extend the date and if they agree, you’re in business!
All in all, meeting a new person – especially a potential love interest – can be nerve-racking. How you deal with them is what matters. Hopefully these will help you get through that first date! Good luck!

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