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I always pick the wrong one!


I always pick the wrong one!

by admin

Have you ever wondered why your attracted to the same type of person? It’s common for people to think that there is some kind of chemistry match when it comes to surrounding yourself with the same type of people. It really does come from within!

It’s been proven that women and men do have hidden in their genetic make up the kind of people they are attracted to. But – that doesn’t mean that you can’t fix bad choices! Loving yourself is a great way to abandon the old way of thinking and beginning to see your future in a new light.

Give yourself time to enjoy the person your spending time with. If you don’t feel that “click”, then don’t force it. Allow yourself to make decisions based on time and chemistry. Don’t be too hasty…sometimes quick is just another way of not seeing the forest for the trees. When you love yourself enough to give it your best effort, things will fall into place.

Remember, it could take some time to find Mr./Mrs. right. That’s OK! You don’t want to rush the love of your life.

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