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Three ways you can verify that the person you’re meeting online is who they say they are


Three ways you can verify that the person you’re meeting online is who they say they are

by admin

Whenever you meet anyone online, there’s always that internal conflict. On one hand, you’re excited that someone is interested in you and what you’re all about. We all want to be wanted, after all.


On the other hand, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. Is this person who they say they are? Are they leaving out important information that could be dangerous and or raise red flags?


When it comes to online dating, these are hard questions to grapple with.


To say the least, we don’t deal in an ideal world and we should be able to trust the people we both care about or may potentially care about. Because of this, it’s important to do your background research before you meet someone online.


Here are some tips you can employ to be able to get a better handle on who you’re about to meet – especially if it’s a potential online dating scenario.


DIY background checks

There’s a lot you can do on your own to make sure that you’re background checking an individual before you meet. One way to do this is a simple Google Search – but recommend going a step further. Instead of simply Googling their name and hometown, it’s not a bad idea to Google additional words with their name like divorce, debt, criminal records and the like.


Social media

It’s also a good idea to comb their social media profiles to get a feel of who they are. Pictures can be deceptive at times, but they can also say 1,000 words. Does this appear to be the kind of person you want to meet?


Public records search

If you’re not getting the results you want from a normal DIY background check, then try doing a public records search. This information will give you back plenty of sources on who the person is, their history, etc. Most important – you’ll be able to save a ton of time and find out a lot of information quickly on that individual.


At the end of the day – chances are the person you’re dealing with is an upstanding, good person. Most are. But in today’s confusing times, you can never be too sure. We all hope that everything works out for the best, but doing your due diligence is important! Good luck and if everything checks out – enjoy your meet up!

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